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Selecting Databases and Saving a Search

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Section 002_01-25

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What is a peer-reveiwed article?

MSU-specifc module

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Searching the Databases

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Mini Lecture 1.4 --- Valid Nutrition Info

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Mini Lecture 1.2 --- Nutrition Science Part 1

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Introduction to Academic Databases

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Reading Scientific Articles

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“The Commonplace Book: A Renaissance Tradition Brought Online.” - Arthur Ward, Lyman Briggs College, 03/17/17

The Renaissance-era “commonplace book” was an intellectual journal that individuals such as Isaac Newton and John Locke used to store ideas in order to return to them for future…

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Anatomy of a Citation - MSU Libraries


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Identifying Types of Resources: Scholarly, Popular, or Trade?


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GEO330 Summer2016 JiaFeng

Introduction video by Jia Feng for GEO330 Summer 2016

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