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ODWODL - Ethan Veenhuis 01/24/2024

Ethan Veenhuis, from MSU's History department, presents “The First to Merge: The United Teachers of Flint, Racial Parity, and School Integration, 1968-1985” on Zoom and in the MSU…

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Lecture 9.5 - Part 2

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GEO151: Classifying Religions

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Social Group Membership and Hierarchy

The purpose of this topic is to get you to start thinking about social group membership and social hierarchy. To get started we want you to watch 2 videos, one explains why social stratification…

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Interview with Joe Colyn

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Group work

Tips for working together in groups

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Groups in D2L: Creating ad-hoc D2L Groups During Class, Submitting Photos of Group Work , and Grading Groups using Rubrics 10/14

At this week’s Explorations in Instructional Technologies brown bag seminar Jon Stoltzfus and Terri McElhinny, both of the College of Natural Science, will present “Groups in D2L:…

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HM802 sec731 ANOVA_2

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HM802 sec730 Module10 ANOVA_2

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