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Parts of the Brain Involved with Memory

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Ways to Enhance Memory

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Short Term Memory

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Working Memory

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KIN 355 004 Motor Learning_part 2

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Cerebellum and Limbic System

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Methods and Tools

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Memory test

See how well your brain remembers, and learn about a simple trick to help you out!

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Learn about how memories are stored in the brain, and a special person who help scientists understand more about memory.

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The Art of Making Memories

A simple, fun, interactive way to learn about what memories are, why we have them, and how they are made! At the end of the video is a fun craft activity where you will learn how to make your dog or…

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This video aims to teach kids about how memory works and what types of memories we store in our brains! For the activity, students will play a memory game where they will be challenged to remember…

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Power Your Brain!

This video is a fun activity! This activity creates a neuron made out of healthy foods for brain development. At the end of the activity, the children can enjoy their snack!

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Anna DeJarnette and Casey Hord from the University of Cincinnati are presenting Blended Perspectives: Studies of Discourse and Gesturing in Math and Special Education

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Lecture 5.5 - Part 5

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