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Implementation Plan Summer '24

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Evaluations & Logic Models Summer '24

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Getting a jump start on grant applications across the Great Lakes Midwest: What you need to know, Presented live on June 20, 2024

Some grants using federal funds require food and farm business owners to access the U.S. government System for Award Management website, In this webinar held live on Thursday, June 20, 2024,…

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Program Planning Summer '24

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Discussion of the coefficient of determination

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Residual Standard Error

Description of calculation and meaning of residual standard error

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Unlocking Potential: How to Start Your Journey into Disability Sport Programming

Our panelists discussed their programs, barriers they've encountered in beginning and maintaining their programs, and program funding and advocacy.

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Family Employee Resource Group: Picky Eaters- Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Event DescriptionWhat helps a child be a good eater? This session will take a look at what we can expect from our children as they develop and grow, what parents can do to make a difference, and how…

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Designing an Engaging Asynchronous Online Course

Date of Session: February 26, 2024 Description: Consistent course design matters for promoting student success. In this session, you will learn about the characteristics of a well-designed…

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Practice with Comm and Orgs

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Modeling Land Suitability for Vitis vinifera in Michigan Using Advanced Geospatial Data and Methods

Michigan (MI) has a long history of diverse agricultural production. One of the most rapidly expanding and profitable agricultural crops, wine grapes (Vitis vinifera L.), has only been in cultivation…

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Evaporation Model and Fission, Nov 30

Lecture on the Evaporation Model and Fission Process, given on Nov 30. Apologies for the poor audio, which seems to be due to the laptop being overwhelmed with parallel tasks.

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