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Data Exercise 1 Solution - Python

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Stable Linking and Accessibility

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Accessibility Tips for PDFs

Date of session: November 2, 2022 Description: Join the EdTech Accessibility Team to learn tips for making your PDFs accessible. Our team will cover accessibility basics, strategies to fix common…

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Framing Video Umar Final

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How to Tag a PDF Document

Date of session: May 3, 2022 Upcoming workshops Past workshop recordings EdTech training self-enroll courses

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Pdf Accessibility Training

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GEO 330v: Speech on the State of American Cities Introduction Video

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GEO 330: Assignment 2 Policy Brief

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This is the video describing Assignment 3 in CAS 111.

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iClicker Mini-Session: Assignments

Date of session: April 28, 2021 Description: Detailed Q&A with iClicker technologists and MSU IT specialists for 1-1 iClicker support or platform-specific questions: Asynchronous Assignments…

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Binomial Probability Distribution - Part 2

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Lecture 3-Part 3_Finding sources

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ALC Engagement Fair: Using Screen Readers in Natural Technological Environments

Jessica Lemond, an MSU undergraduate student with a visual impairment and a passion for accessibility, will demonstrate screen reader functionality inthe format of a video demonstration. She will use…

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PDF Reading Order Video Tutorial

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1-1 Getting the Most from These Video Tutorials in LumaFusion

Welcome to the official LumaFusion tutorial series presented by Luma Touch and PhotoJoseph. We hope you enjoy learning about LumaFusion. To read more about any of the chapters of this tutorial…

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