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Module 5 Audio

Module 5 Audio

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Safety First: Preventing on-the-job Injuries and Deaths to Greenhouse and Nursery Workers

Agriculture is one of the five most dangerous industries in Michigan to work in. However, everyone deserves to come home safely from work. This presentation will focus on greenhouse and nursery…

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Secondary Trauma in Public Service

This is a 25-minute video on secondary trauma in public service. You may think that as a political science, public policy, or law student, you won't encounter trauma via your work. But, if you…

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Class 9 - Feb 8

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: 7P1te+b4R866nlRWGvy9kA== Meeting Time: 2024-02-08 02:32:05pmGMT

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Supervisor Training Series: Supporting Accessibility and Neurodivergence in the Workplace

Neurodiversity is an important and often overlooked aspect of DEI. Understanding the differences and support needs of your neurodivergent employees is imperative to building a diverse and trusting…

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Family Violence

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Trauma Informed Child Welfare Practice

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Class 6 - Jan 25

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: Xj5f0YcST6au0u4diBaIyg== Meeting Time: 2024-01-25 02:29:30pmGMT

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Family Employee Resource Group: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth

Join us for a webinar aimed at parents, caregivers, educators, and allies who want to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ youth. Led by parents and experts in LGBTQIA+…

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PH803 Module 2 Measures of Disease Frequency- Part 1 of 2

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Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group Presents - True Stories in Caregiving: Dr. Wayne Hutchison

Real stories from caregivers are powerful and moving. Hearing these deeply personal experiences firsthand helps us realize that we’re not alone. Many other people are on similarly challenging…

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Supervisor Training Series: Values Based Leadership from MSU's Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners

Join the December session of the Supervisor Training Series to hear first hand, from MSU’s Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners, how to implement values based leadership. We’re going…

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The Dynamics and Influence Trust and Power Have in Community-Academic Partnerships

The community-based participatory research approach has been positioned as anti-racist, in part, because it centralizes lived experience and research democratization. Researchers and community…

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2023 WorkLife Conference – Welcome & Keynote

Work and Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World: The Unique Challenges of Higher EducationAlthough it is generally acknowledged that people are the single most important component of an…

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Knee Dx and Tx 511

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