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HushPod Training Intro

Welcome to the CTLI's cool HushPod Recording Studio, a super high-tech spot meant to take your training experience to the next level. Tucked away in the Center for Teaching and Learning…

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St. Helen Community Forum, Roscommon County Regional Tourism Assessment

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Module 5 - Epidemiologic Variables, Part 1 of 2 - PowerPoint

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PH 803 Module 4 - Commonly Used Measures of Disease Frequencies - Rates - Part 1 of 2 - Lecture

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Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar: Managing Risk For Volunteers

Managing Risk For Volunteers: Our guiding principles state that youth are physically and emotionally safe; one step in this process is reviewing the media and medical authorization forms for the…

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Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar Series Preparing 4-Hers For Fairs & Showcases

As summer approaches, youth have many opportunities to showcase their skills and knowledge. 4-H volunteers are important in helping youth develop their interview skills, public speaking,…

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Strength in Diversity: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Athletes on and off the Field

Our panelists shared key terminology, historical context, and statistics on queer athlete participation; important milestone moments for HS student-athletes; and best practices for setting an…

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EH803 Mod4&5 Intro

EH803 Mod4&5 Intro

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GEO331: Federal Government Part 1

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De-Centering Classroom Observations – From the Gaze of Evaluation to Fostering Environments of Mutual Sharing

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2024 MNP Orientation*

The Michigan State Univerity Extension Michigan Naturalist Program 4/11/2024 oriention recording

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Intro to this week's content - Adler and Existentialism

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GEO 324-Drone Lab Changes SS24

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Person Centered and Gestalt Therapies

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Women’s Networking Association – Networking Breakfast – Women’s History Month Celebration

The Women’s Networking Association welcomes you to our Networking Breakfast on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 8:00am – 10:00am. Join us for a networking presentation by Shelley Davis Boyd,…

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LCE Orientation: Case presentations and handoffs

Recorded 3/26/2024.

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