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Strength in Diversity: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Athletes on and off the Field

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video_050118_intro_to_CERC_PH 827

video_050118_intro_to_CERC_PH 827

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MKT 843-301 International Marketing Research In-Person Session

Zoom Recording ID: 95738945023 UUID: 4L3unS1pSJmxnustUKZSnQ== Meeting Time: 2024-05-14 03:56:06pmGMT

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Module 4 Intro zoom_4

Module 4 Intro zoom_4

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Unlocking Potential: How to Start Your Journey into Disability Sport Programming

Our panelists discussed their programs, barriers they've encountered in beginning and maintaining their programs, and program funding and advocacy.

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Exploring Organic – Additional Certification Options

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There's An App for That: Leveraging Microsoft PowerApps in a University Setting

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Internationalization of the Curriculum: What Does It Mean, Why Is It Needed, How Can It Be Done?

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Class 25 - April 16

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: PE6E4yGwQ4qD7q6X4GEsXA== Meeting Time: 2024-04-16 01:30:44pmGMT

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2024 MNP Orientation

The Michigan State Univerity Extension Michigan Naturalist Program 4/11/2024 oriention recording

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Is Organic Right For My Farm?

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Intro to this week's content - Adler and Existentialism

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Class 21 - April 2

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: DVgNnAi2QZKluKGTycO2OQ== Meeting Time: 2024-04-02 01:40:24pmGMT

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Class 20 - March 28

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: ZltbQ/COQqe9bS1JWwcBPg== Meeting Time: 2024-03-28 01:29:45pmGMT

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Michigan 4-H Volunteer Webinar: Group Management For 4-H Clubs and Groups

Working with a group of youth with a variety of ages can mean different energies during meetings and events. 4-H volunteers need strong behavior-guiding strategies to help maintain the group's…

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Class 18 - Mar 21

Zoom Recording ID: 98691958099 UUID: 0tbwEFccS5y6g00KvN5jaw== Meeting Time: 2024-03-21 11:56:37amGMT

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