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Modeling Land Suitability for Vitis vinifera in Michigan Using Advanced Geospatial Data and Methods

Michigan (MI) has a long history of diverse agricultural production. One of the most rapidly expanding and profitable agricultural crops, wine grapes (Vitis vinifera L.), has only been in cultivation…

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GEO113: Assignment Tutorial (US22)

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Honors Project XA242 Weapons of Math Destruction

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Welcome video from your Instructor! ISS 310 Alice

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Using propensity scores in Program Evaluation

Presented by Valerie Anderson PhD November 5, 2020

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ATLAS-PA promotional video

ATLAS-PA, or the Access to Literacy Assessment System for Phonological Awareness, is a progress monitoring tool designed for children ages 3 to 7. Phonological awareness, the understanding of the…

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STT 200 Normal Distributions 3

STT 200 Normal Distributions 3 discusses the empirical rule and z-scores

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11.Emotions and Stress.Part 2

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3.Types of Selection Measures.Part 1

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ExamSoft Bonus Question and Item Adjustment

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ExamSoft to D2L Grade Import

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Grading with a rubric in D2L

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