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Zoom Accessibility Quick Tips- Participant Version

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IBIO 445-730-Lecture 12_Behavior_Week 6

This was a guest lecture for Animal Behavior in the first part of the summer - it's a bit longer than our other lectures (which is partly why I only have one for you this week!).

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ISS310: Introduction to Urban Environments

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Zoom Quick Tips Training

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018 Video 1 Actin and Myosin

018 Video 1 Myosin Motor Proteins

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Inkscape Basics

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This is a video tutorial on how to design a book cover for the CAS 111 assignment.

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VM 580-Skin tissue apposition using a simple interrupted suture

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VM 531 Lymph node & leukemia micrscopy-Scott

Zoom Recording ID: 98019347164 UUID: gd9wxj25QeOWFNpg7voCAw== Meeting Time: 2021-09-30T16:51:16Z

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GEO330: FS2021 Week 5 (9/27 to 10/1)

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CSTAT Day - Intro to Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews

Presented by Dr. Dhruv Sharma, CSTAT This is an abbreviated version, a full workshop on this topic is usually available through CSTAT.

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CSTAT Day - Intro to Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

Presented by Dr. Wenjuan Ma, CSTAT Slides are available in the Attachments tab.

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CSTAT Day - Collaborating with Statisticians

Enhancing Rigor and Reproducibility by Partnering with CSTAT. Presented by Dr. Steven Pierce, Associate Director of CSTAT Slides can be found in the Attachments tab.

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GEO330: Captioning the American Food Landscape

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ISS310: The American Food Landscape

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