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Slime Kit Sign

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Inkscape Pet Box

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Inkscape Basics

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WorkLife Office Presents: Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - Talking About Brain Health & Aging: The Basics

Following this session participants should be able to:Recognize one or more signs of declining brain health Identify risk factors related to brain health Identify things that can be done to improve…

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This is the video for Assignment 2 in CAS 111. It covers new InDesign skills.

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This is the second of the three videos that covers Assignment 1 in CAS 111. The three videos cover InDesign skills.

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Cultural Understandings of Personality

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InDesign and Typography Fundamentals.Vol.2

This is the second of three video tutorials explaining the InDesign and Typography fundamentals assignment.

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canoe forward stroke observations

looking t various aspects of forward paddling as a tandem canoe team

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Kayak Sideways

moving sideways in a kayak

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kayak forward paddling

kayak forward paddling

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kayak turning on the move

turning a kayak on the move

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canoe going sideways

Techniques for going sideways in a canoe

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Turn Around

turning a kayak with forward and reverse sweep strokes

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Turn Sweep

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canoe spins using pry strokes

spinning a canoe using pry strokes

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