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A Literature Review of Wake Boat Effects on Aquatic Habitat

Dr. Joe Nohner of the Michigan DNR presents "A Literature Review of Wake Boat Effects on Aquatic Habitat", published as DNR Fisheries Report 37 in July 2023. The presentation is followed by…

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10/3/2023: Marie Auger-Méthé

Spatiotemporal modelling of marine movement data using Template Model Builder

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GEO330: Welcome to California

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Wild About: Conservation Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention

Wild About: Conservation: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention. An overview of aquatic invasive species (identification/issues) and what you can do to help slow the spread.

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GEO204: Introduction to the Austral Realm

This is a video introduction to the lesson content on the Austral Realm.

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LB Chem is HARD! You are NOT alone. - Nicole Epshteyn

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WILD KEYNOTE: Gretchen Whitmer

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VM 535-Lab 1 Reproduction Pathology-Station 03-Bull Testicle

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Stop Complete

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kayak turning on the move

turning a kayak on the move

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kayak parts

kayak parts

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Turn Sweep

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Turn Around2

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