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HPAI Order Updates

July 15, 2024 MDARD HPAI Emergency Order updates

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Unlocking Plant Potential: Essential Soil and Plant Tests for Thriving Gardens

In this video, you'll learn: Soil health secrets from a Michigan potato pro: RJ Rant isn't just any consultant; he's a self-trained biological and organic farmer who understands the…

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Hip Dx and MET TX

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Educator Seminars: Closing Remarks

Zoom Recording ID: 92988200862 UUID: M3NPAtBOQROF9Xx5qHpMcg== Meeting Time: 2023-08-25 07:24:33pmGMT

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Wild About Conservation Groundwater Protection

Wild About Conservation Groundwater Protection with Ruth Kline-Robach, PhD., MSU Institute of Water Research

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history and reg med dev

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Usability Testing

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DigitalDesk Demo

Date of session: June 30, 2021 Description: Join us for a vendor demonstration of DigitalDesk, Inc. - Instructor Tools/Student Portal, an intuitive, multi-modal learning platform that provides a…

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VM 516-Equine bones of digit relative to hoof (dissection video)

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ATLAS-PA promotional video

ATLAS-PA, or the Access to Literacy Assessment System for Phonological Awareness, is a progress monitoring tool designed for children ages 3 to 7. Phonological awareness, the understanding of the…

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