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ISS310: Unit Introduction: Feeding People: An Exploration of the Global Food System

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ISS310: The Human Diet

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ISS310: The Business of Food

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ISS310: Our Carbon Footprint

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Heat stress in dairy cows - part 1

In this videos you will find valuable information on heat stress in dairy cows.

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Exploration Days Presentation Video 1

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Module 7 - Food Fortification Part 2

Module 7 - Food Fortification Part 2

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Module 6 - Food Fortification - Michigan Legacy, Iodized Salt

Module 6 - Food Fortification - Michigan Legacy, Iodized Salt

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Making Healthy Choices for Adults Ages 60+: Where to get your calcium

To maintain strong bone health as we age, it’s important to eat and drink foods that supply calcium. Thankfully there are a number of great sources for adults ages 60 and over to choose from! …

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MIFFS Movement Makers - Scott Corrin 11.19.21

Interview with former MIFFS committee person Scott Corrin

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VM 502-Bayer Communication-The Dairy Herd

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Safety at MSU Dairy Farm

Site specific safety training for MSU Dairy Farm.

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Working Safely with Dairy Cattle

Overview of safely handling dairy cattle.

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Farm Tour

The ladies of Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority visit their family farms explain the farm duties. Jessica highlights her family’s cattle and crop farm and Megan interviews her dad…

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Good Gallons Dairy Goat Farm Tour - MSU Animal Welfare Club

Join Marion Venema for a tour of her goat farm, Good Gallons Dairy, in Southeast Michigan. Produced by MSU Animal Welfare Club #MSUAWC Filmed, narrated, and directed by Marion Venema …

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OISS Scholar Showcase 2021 - José dos Santos Neto

Meet Dr. José dos Santos Neto! He is a research scholar in the department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. In this video Dr. Neto is presenting his research on why we are…

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