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Piaget Stages 3_4

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Lecture 1.3 - Part 3 (Main Ideas of the Enlightenment)

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Lecture 1-Part 1_Introductions

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Domestication Part II - Sedentism

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About this Class

Some insight into this class and what you can expect from me, what I expect from you, and how you can be successful (17 mins).

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VM 507-Systems Thinking Part 2

VM 507 Mod15 SysTh2

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VM 507-Systems Thinking-14 Habits

VM 507 Mod 15 SysTh Part 1

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Clinical Decision Making with audio

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OST 825 Gifford: Wk 3 Human Rights - History

OST 825: WEEK 3: Human Rights - History

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Psychological Safety and Transparent Communication at Work: Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation

Strengthening Collaboration and Innovation Employees need to feel psychologically secure and safe in their workplace to do their best work. This type of workplace culture is increasingly important to…

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VM 510-Module 12 Intro Video

VM 510 Mod 8

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Family/Couple Therapy with one person and Survival Skills

Presentation on doing family or couple's therapy with one client and survival skills for therapists

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VM 506-SWOT Analysis for Career Planning

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Dr. Luz Maldonado from Texas State University is presenting "Bilingual Teachers' Professional Noticing of Bilingual Children's Mathematical Thinking."

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Lecture 1: Introduction to Strategic Thinking

The basics of games and strategies, based on DSR, chapters 1 and 2

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