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Intro ANTR 350 Fall 2021

Short intro to ANTR 350 Fall 2021

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GEO113: Introduction to the Course (Instructor Karine Torosyan)

This is an introduction video for GEO113: Introduction to Economic Geography. The video introduces the instructor and also gives some information about the course and its organization. Made by:…

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Microsoft Teams is Totally Rad!

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Log Packages

A short film demonstrating how to log a package in Service Portal while working at the Service Center.

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IT Virtual Workshop - Editing in Camtasia

Clip from MSU IT virtual workshop on Camtasia. For more information on how to download and use Camtasia, self-enroll in the MSU Tools & Technologies course:…

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Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps

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Mini Lecture FI846/302 - Th March 25th

Zoom Recording ID: 98152589229 UUID: GmfJO22yT0euWm9DTuhseQ== Meeting Time: 2021-03-25T18:29:48Z

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VM 523-Blood smear evaluation, high mag WBCs

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My Best Advice - Jake Haver

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Loan preparation for new and beginning farmers - Good Food Fund Program

Are you new to the world of lending? Is the idea of taking out a loan for your new farm business a bit intimidating? Loans are an important tool for growing any business and if approached with the…

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How to Record ADR Dialogue | Filmmaking Tips - Check out our blog or more info about how to record your own ADR dialogue and other filmmaking tips. Make money from your photos/videos -…

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eValue: Managing Shared Inbox

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Bloom Filters

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CSE480 - Week14 - 2 - NoSQL Data Models

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CSE480 - Week13 - 3 - Fragmentation

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