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Backwards Design (10/14/2022)

Introduction to the backwards design process for course development. Creating learning objectives, aligning them to assessments and developing content to assure those learning objectives are…

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Building Your Broader Impacts Plan

April 5, 2022 In addition to its intellectual merits, each proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) is reviewed according to the merits of its Broader Impacts (BI) plan, or the…

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Backward Design (03.15.22)

Backward Design is a method of course design that facilitates alignment with course learning objectives, assessments and content. By using this method, you can ensure that your students have a clear…

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014 Video 2 RTKs and Ras

014 Video 2 RTKs and Ras

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014 Video 1 Receptor tyrosine kinases

014 Video 1: Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

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012 Video 2 G-protein Coupled Receptors 2

Video 2: G-protein Coupled Receptors

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WorkLife Office Presents: Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - Talking About Brain Health & Aging: The Basics

Following this session participants should be able to:Recognize one or more signs of declining brain health Identify risk factors related to brain health Identify things that can be done to improve…

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The Respiratory System: How do we breathe?

Have you ever thought about how and why we breathe? In this activity, we will examine what role the respiratory system plays in our body. You can even make your very own model of the lungs using…

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Examsoft - Extra Downloads & Extra Time

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Overview Week 4 FS21

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ISS310: Models of Urban Form

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Introduction to the QIPS Module Series

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Building a Scholarly Activity Program as a GME Leader

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VM 509 Controlled Substances Part 8

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