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Dams, Development, and Democracy in India

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Is It Credible? Authorship and Authority

Get help 24-7 from a librarian though our chat service:

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Farm Transitions: Slowing Down and Planting a Seed for New Generations

If you are going through a farm transition planning for change may seem like a luxury at this point, but it is a necessary step. You will not save time by not planning, but just postpone the…

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Global Virtual Speaker Series || Mediatized Taiwanese Mandarin Popular Culture, Masculinity and Social Perceptions - Chun-Yi Peng

This talk explores how language ideologies have emerged for "gangtaiqiang" (港台腔) through a combination of indexical and ideological processes in televised media. Gangtaiqiang (Hong…

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Pastrana, Block, and Penasack Rally Service Stops

Follow the rally crews of Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Tim Penasack in action at their service stops at the Ojibwe Forests Rally in Minnesota. For more behind the scenes action check us out at…

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JRN 306 - Creating your home studio

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News anchor make up tutorial. Violent blender

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JRN 306 Makeup with Lyn

Intro to TV Makeup

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Digital Well-being and Mental Health During a Pandemic and Beyond

5/26/20 Tuesday: Digital Well-being and Mental Health During a Pandemic and BeyondPresented by: Brian Martinez, MSU Information Technology Services Join us for a conversation about the article on…

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ADV 225 Session 2 Lecture Video 6 of 10

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ISS310: Spring 2019 Welcome Video

This is a welcome video for ISS310v Spring2019 by Judith Namanya, the course instructor.

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ISS310: Introduction to Reflections on the Course

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Farewell message for onGEO-GIS: Geographic Information Systems

Farewell message for GIS: Geographic Information Systems (onGEO Professional Certificate Course).

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Module 4 rolex promotions

Module 4 rolex promotions

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