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ISP 205L Extra Credit Lab 10 Educational Video

Here is my final lab for ISP 205L. In this video, I quickly overview how the solar system formed, inspired by our observations of planets such as Uranus back in the beginning of the semester.

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This is a video I made for my astronomy lab explaining standard candles and how we can use them to measure the distance of stars that are both inside and outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Ch 14.2a: What is a neutron star?

Transcript: Hello everyone, in this mini-lecture we're going to talk about neutron stars. Neutron stars are the dead remnants left over from the supernovae of stars that were initially 8-20…

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4-H Science: Astronomy and the Star Wheel

To paraphrase Plato, let the stars lead us from this world to the next. For thousands of years, all the peoples of the world have looked to the skies and found stories amongst the stars. Perseus and…

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360 Video Demo for Accessible Learning Conference

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Joe Colyn MIFFS Interview - edited audio

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GEO206: Review for the Atmosphere & Global Radiation Lesson

Use this video to prepare for Quiz 4

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GEO206: Review of the Earth & Sun Lesson

Use this video to help you prepare for Quiz 3.

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Accessible Learning Experiences 02/24/2017

It is the responsibility of instructors to ensure that students with disabilities can access their course content. From creation to remediation, this discussion will focus on case studies and…

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Hoophouse management, February 13, 2017

MSU Extension 2017 Beginning Farmer Webinar Series, "Getting started with hoophouse management", February 13, 2017, Presenter: Collin Thompson, Michigan State University Extension Educator…

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Lesson 3, Exam 1 Prep

This video covers Lesson 3 in preparation for Exam 1.

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