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MKT 834 Module 1 - Part 2

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Intro to this week's content - Adler and Existentialism

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Person Centered and Gestalt Therapies

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Intro to CBT

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Positive Psychology

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Violence in Orgs and Communities

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SW 841 Crisis Intervention using PFA and TAF

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SW 841 Goal setting with role play

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Practice Evaluation SSD

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Wellbeing Wednesdays: Art Therapy

-Defining art therapy and the status of the profession in MI and nationally-Examples of how art therapy might take place across different settings/where we are most likely to encounter art…

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SW 841 Selecting and Planning Interventions

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Raelyn, LMSW: Mental Health Therapy

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Celeste Santi, LMSW - Medical Social Work

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SW 822 LGBTQ Healthcare Event

Advocate Event about barriers to healthcare that LGBTQ+ immigrants face.

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CSTAT Day - Collaborating with Statisticians

Enhancing Rigor and Reproducibility by Partnering with CSTAT. Presented by Dr. Steven Pierce, Associate Director of CSTAT Slides can be found in the Attachments tab.

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VM 509 Controlled Substances Part 7

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