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Lecture 0 - HST 335 Insructor Intro

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Lecture 0: Instructor Intro

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Reviewing SCORM Reports in D2L

This video will show you how to check completion and engagement with SCORM objects posted in D2L. This can be a help bit of knowledge if you are trying to get a large set of information on a large…

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Respondus: Student Orientation

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Bioethics 344 _ D2L navigation video 1

D2L run through

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Section 001_09-02

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RA Training Q and A

This was a brief presentation giving an overview of RA Training for Fall 2020 and then providing time for an extended Q and A on the training process.

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D2L Keeping Content Organized When Creating

Demo of designating file location when creating a new file. A similar designation can be done when uploading content.

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General D2L overview

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SW 832 Summer 2020 Assignment #2 details

Full description of Summer 2020 SW 832 Assignment #2 details

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D2L: Content Area Best Practices

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MediaSpace: Uploading Videos

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Registering for D2L self-directed training

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D2L Course Preparation

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Exporting Your D2L Course

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