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Submit Final Grades Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to download the class list from the registrar's office, export final grades from D2L, modify the files to prepare for upload, and upload grades to the…

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D2L Intelligent Agents: Streamlining Personalized Communication at Scale

Date of session: October 18, 2023 Description: Leverage the power of D2L Intelligent Agents to automate personalized messages to students based on their actions. For example, agents can be used to…

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D2L Basics for Students

Date of session: August 29, 2023 Description: D2L Brightspace is one of the main technologies used at MSU to deliver online and remote classes. Come learn the basics of using D2L as a student and…

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D2L Gradebook Setup

Date of session: January 4, 2023 Access to accurate and up-to-date grades is very important to students. The D2L online gradebook gives private views to students and a spreadsheet view to…

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D2L Basics for MSU Instructors (11/30/22)

This informational webinar covers the basics of D2L, including an overview of the interface, how to create and manage the grade book, creating discussion forums, assignments and quizzes and uploading…

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D2L Gradebook Part 2 – Assessing Grade Items and Associated Activities (08.26.22)

This training on how to grade in D2L assumes you already have a D2L Gradebook set up, even if you have no control over how the gradebook was set up (e.g., grading assistants). D2L Gradebook Grading…

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D2L Gradebook Part 1 – Setting up an Online Gradebook (08.25.22)

This recording shows how-to set up a points-based or weighted gradebook. Session slides Upcoming workshops from MSU IT Past workshop recordings EdTech training self-enroll courses If you need…

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Using D2L Rubrics to Evaluate Assignments

Date of session: June 9, 2022 Description: In this webinar we will demonstrate how to use the D2L Rubrics tool to evaluate student work and provide feedback. Rubrics are useful for communicating…

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Getting Started with D2L for Students Course Promo

This free self-paced, open-entry training is a valuable learning resource for students, as well as instructors and staff wanting to experience a D2L course from a student perspective. Go to…

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Embedding MediaSpace

Two Methods to Embed MediaSpace Content

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D2L Keeping Content Organized When Creating

Demo of designating file location when creating a new file. A similar designation can be done when uploading content.

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Creating Discussions with Grade Association

PKG 817 Maria Rubino 6/18/2020 Zoom mtg PKG 817 new online course

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Accessing Your Certification Examination in D2L

Video tutorial on how to access your certification exam.

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Navigate D2L-Student perspective

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ANTR 510 2019 D2L Introduction

This overview of the ANTR510 D2L site explains features and points to important resources within the course.

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Accessible Tables on D2L

This video will show you how to make tables on your D2L lesson accessible. By the end of this video, you will be able to:Understand why accessible tables are important Learn how to create tables on…

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