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Amy Greenberg 8_05 am Group PCSE Focus Group

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014 Video 2 RTKs and Ras

014 Video 2 RTKs and Ras

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What is a cultivar? with Barslund Judd

Barslund Judd, Consumer Horticulture Educator based out of Flint, MI, helps us make sense of plant names, why they are important and how we can use this information in the garden

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CSTAT Day - Intro to Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

Presented by Dr. Wenjuan Ma, CSTAT Slides are available in the Attachments tab.

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CSTAT Day - Preparing Data for Analysis

Presented by Barry DeCicco, CSTAT Slides can be found under the Attachments tab.

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GEO330: Intermontane West & MexAmerica: Historical Settlement

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GEO330: Coastal South: Cultural Landscape

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Monitoring Your D2L Course: Activity Statistics (5-25-21)

Clip from MSU IT workshop on how to use D2L course analytics for monitoring your online course. For more information, self-enroll in the Instructor - D2L self-directed training course at…

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Linked Open Data: Interconnectivity Amplified

In this session, Sarah Seymore and Julie Simic will discuss how the University of Oregon migrated its digital collections to a new content management system and to linked open data (LOD).…

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Cultural Understandings of Personality

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Online Engagement & Community Building

Online Engagement & Community Building Workshop March 12, 2021

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013 Video 2 RTKs and Ras

Video 2 for Day 013: RTKs and Ras

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Lecture 5.3 - Part 3

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Python Namespaces

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STT 200 One Proportion Randomization Tests, Part 1

Introduction to one proportion randomization test and the facial prototyping example

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Lecture 3.2 - Part 1

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