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Data Exercise 1 Solution - Power BI

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Data Exercise 1 Solution - Excel

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Submit Final Grades Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to download the class list from the registrar's office, export final grades from D2L, modify the files to prepare for upload, and upload grades to the…

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Recording Transactions 1

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Radiation Safety Surveys

How to perform and document the survey of a radioactive work area.

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Qualtrics Incomplete Form Review

Qualtrics Incomplete Form Review

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Libraries Main Website Editor (Drupal 9) Training - March 14, 2023

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PRCI-Asia R statistical package training: Part II

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D2L Gradebook Part 2 – Assessing Grade Items and Associated Activities (08.26.22)

This training on how to grade in D2L assumes you already have a D2L Gradebook set up, even if you have no control over how the gradebook was set up (e.g., grading assistants). D2L Gradebook Grading…

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2.1 Video. Logical spreadsheeting example

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