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GEO206: Welcome to the course (US24)

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Custom Animated Videos for Engaging Lecture Content

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D2L Brightspace Essentials: Navigation, Gradebook Creation, and Structuring Accessible Content

Session Date: January 31, 2024 This informational session will cover the basics of setting up your course in D2L Brightspace. See an overview of the interface and learn how to set up tools for…

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GEO330: Welcome: Spring 2024

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GEO204: Welcome: Spring2024

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Frameworks for Collaborative Innovation: A Student-Focused UX Center at Michigan State UniversityKate BirdsallAlison HagenKristen Pratt

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Markle - AT&T Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award Application

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Welcome to GEO113 from onGEO staff!

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Welcome to GEO151 from onGEO staff!

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Welcome to GEO330 FS23

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Farewell from Online Geography

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GEO151: Intro to Packback

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