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Feasible QIPS Project Design

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Building a Scholarly Activity Program as a GME Leader

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Basement Update - Modules 6 & 7

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Getting Started with Reaxys

This video provides a brief introduction to Reaxys, how to set up an account through MSU, and some of the basic features users should be aware of.

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Scholarly Activity Project Novice Traps

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Who (and What) is Diversity Education For? (Patrick Arnold, Spring Teaching Conference)

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EAD 889 On Campus Jobs GAP Presentation

GAP Presentation for EAD 889 for On-Campus Jobs group: Abby Jaroszewicz, Victoria Rubio, and Ryan Wadleigh

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Section 002_12-07

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VM 516-Ruminant digital structures (dissection video)

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11.10.21 (Jacobowitz) South America Bound: The Origins of Settler-Colonist Fiction in Meiji Japan - Dr. Seth Jacobowitz

Virtual lecture by Seth Jacobowitz, Senior Research Associate, The City College of New York.This talk investigates the origins of settler-colonist fiction that began in Meiji-era Japan (1868-1912),…

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Module 5 Activities - FS20-TE-855-730 - Teaching School Mathematics

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Lecture 8-Part 2_Background section

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Lecture 3.4 - Part 2

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Finding Evidence for Your Clinical Question

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LCS CE-Pinkeye - Dr. O'Connor

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Conducting a Literature Search

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