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HM840 Introduction

HM840 Introduction

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Positive Discipline Course

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GEO330 Week 1 and Week 2

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GEO151: Week 4

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onGEO-CJ: Criminal Justice Applications in GIS: Course Introduction

Beth Weisenborn (onGEO) welcomes student to the course and gives a broad-brush introduction to it.

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Video1 basic molecular biology & genetics

Be familiar with these basic concepts.

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MIMN SDO Interpreting Ornithology Part 1 Interpretation

MIMN SDO Interpreting Ornithology Part 1 Interpretation with Ellen Holste

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BS161 Section 2_9 Welcome

Welcome Video for BS161 Sections 2 and 9. Fall 2021

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GEO151: Taking Quizzes in GEO151

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GEO113: Your course website

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Geo 113: Welcome Video

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GEO206: Using the review quiz as a study tool

This video addresses how you can use the review quiz as s study tool to help you prepare in advance for quiz, not simply as a test to see what you know.

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GEO206: Quiz: Coastal Geomorphology Review

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KIN 355 004 PA integration_part2

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Ways to Enhance Memory

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