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GEO206: A Review of the Lesson: The Earth & Sun

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GEO206: The Seasonal Shift of the ITCZ

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GEO206: Global Circulation: Draw A Picture

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GEO206: Thinking about Precipitation and Cyclonic Weather Systems

In this video I share some thoughts on the material on Precipitation and Cyclonic Weather Systems.

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VM 515-Part 2-B Sustainable FA Prod Systems

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The Monsoon Explained

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Latitude and Global Circulation: Know your zones!

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The Geographic Grid: Draw a picture!

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Latitude and Longitude

This video provides an explanation of latitude and longitude. This is for GEO 206 and GEO 310. Amanda Kreuze created this video.

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How To Make Wind

Video explaining the generation of wind as a function of differential heating generating pressure gradients. Video source: K. Nyland, MSU Dept. of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences

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Geo221v Activity, Coordinate Systems: Using ArcGIS Online

This video accompanies the GEO221v (Intro to Geographic Information) Activity (Coordinate Systems) for the Fundamentals of Two-dimensional Maps Lesson. The video aims to help students learn how to…

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GEO206: Precipitation & Cyclonic Weather Systems Review

This is a review of the lesson to help you prepare for the quiz.

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Review of Pressure, Winds,

This is a lesson review to prepare you for the upcoming exam.

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