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VM 255 Respiratory II (Lar Par and BAS)

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VM 534-How to place a penrose drain-Gallaher

Placement of a penrose drain in a model

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KIN 355 - 004 Increasing PA levels part 1

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Mini Lecture FI355-001 - M March 15th

Zoom Recording ID: 91985364444 UUID: IyZte5QyR1yAGBmjXlinlw== Meeting Time: 2021-03-15T14:03:30Z

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Mini Lecture FI845-302- Tu Feb 16th

Zoom Recording ID: 98152589229 UUID: NrHmA2XpQXm5B/USaWBTGg== Meeting Time: 2021-02-16T19:28:55Z

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Mini-lecture 2/2/2021

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Section 003_01-27

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VM 536-Equine Upper Airway Disorders-Kinsley

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VM 536-Inflammatory noninfectious diseases of the horses' lungs-KInsley

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Movement and Wellness Resources for Fall 2020

This presentation will explore wellness resources and opportunities available to the MSU community. There are many chances to engage in programming this fall, and to feel connected to campus no…

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VM 500_Day 1_21Sept_9AM_Breakout Room Session

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NUR 371 - LAC Orientation

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Creating a PICO(T) and Searching Databases

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Subtext & Inner Monologue Video Instructions

This video illustrates how to make up a simple line of dialogue and then create 10 different versions of self talk/inner monologue which alters the subtext(underlying meaning) of the simple line.

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FS/SS Lecture 23 Kin 310

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FS/SS Lecture 20 Kin 310

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