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Fertilizers and Pesticides Intro

Introduction to water, fertilizers, and pesticides

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Crop Scheduling Part 4: From Selection to Success- Optimizing Production with the Right Fertilizer

With the multitude of greenhouse fertilizers available, selecting the right one for your operation can be a daunting task. Join this talk to gain the confidence and knowledge to decipher fertilizer…

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NAPA Training Session: Panel Data Methods 1

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New Manure Application Technology

Presented by Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension

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This is a short training for the Computer Assisted Nutrient Management Planning Program (CANMaPP).

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Video 5 Cost of Fertilizer Plan

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Video 3 Fertilizer Options and Strategies

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Video 2 Introduction to Fertilizer Planning

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Video 1 Nutrient Management Plus - Intro to Fertilizer Planning Course

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Sensitive Area Identification System training part 1

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Malawi new fertilizer policy is under validation, July 2018.

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Trouble Shooting Nutrient Problems

Feb 7, 2018 webinar of the Sustainable Nursery and Christmas Tree Webinar Series.

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Establishment - Part 9

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