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Torque and closure calculations

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Nutrient Management for Honeycrisp

As part of the MSUE 2021 Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Lailiang Cheng of Cornell University presents 'Nutrient Management in Honeycrisp.'

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MSU Dairy Club Small Animals Day

The MSU Dairy Club Members introduce the mission of the club and their involvement within the dairy industry. They then take the audience on a tour of the MSU Dairy Farm.

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New Manure Application Technology

Presented by Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension

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Introduction to Optimization Problems and Greedy Algorithms

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Video 5 Cost of Fertilizer Plan

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Video 4 Creating a Nutrient Plan

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Video 3 Fertilizer Options and Strategies

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VM 500-Handwashing lab

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Swine Nutrition and Ractopamine Update

Casey Zangaro works as a Statewide Swine Extension Educator for MSU. In this video, you will understand the basics of swine nutrition as well as the new ractopamine restrictions within Michigan.

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FS/SS Lecture 9 Kin 310

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Mini Lecture 7.1 - Pregnancy Part 1

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