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ISS310: Introduction to Urban Environments

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Who Were We? Where Did We Go? Voices from the Early Years of the Society

The first ARLIS/NA conference held in New York City in 1973 ended with a rap session addressing the questions: Who Are We? Where Are We Going? Fifty years later, four long-time members of the Society…

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ODWODL - Jenny Carson 03/25/2022

Jenny Carson, from the Department of History at Ryerson University, presents “A Matter of Moral Justice: Black Women Laundry Workers and the Fight for Justice” on Zoom. Her book of the…

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Unpacking the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Two-Spirits Crisis - Women*s History Month 2022

Graduate student Michaela Allen-Sanchez (she/they) unpacks the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Two-Spirits Crisis, then leads discussion amongst session attendees. Sponsored by Women*s…

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Gabby Rivera: Inspiring Radical Creativity

In honor of Women*s History Month, the office of Women*s Student Services (in collaboration with several other sponsors) hosted queer, Latinx, writer Gabby Rivera, author of Juliet Takes a Breath and…

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Judith Hoffberg Oral History, 1990

On December 4th, 1990, ARLIS/NA President Lyn Korenic interviewed Judith Hoffberg, a founding member of ARLIS/NA and its director. They were joined by Amy Navratil Ciccone, Judith’s assistant…

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GEO331: 6-Canada Culture-Part 2 [last of semester]

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GEO331: 3-Euro Settle Fur Trade-Part 1

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GEO331: 4-Early Canada-Immig-Flags-Part 3 [last]

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ODWODL - Andrea Ringer 03/03/2022

Andrea Ringer, from Tennessee State University's Department of History, Political Science, Geography, & Africana Studies, delivers the zoom presentation “'Save the Circus’:…

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podcast 1 history 205

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Luraine Tansey Oral History, 1992

At the request of Stanford slide librarian Nancy McCauley, Luraine Tansey talks about her career and the foundation of the Slide Curators Association (now VRA) and ARLIS/NA. In addition to working in…

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Lee Balliet interviewed on Auguest 22nd 2018

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Lee Balliet interviewed on Jan 29th 2019

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GEO 330v: Reflection 2 Introduction Video

Reflection- Cities: America's Best Laid Plans?

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