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Paul Drijvers, scientific director at the Freudenthal Institute of Utrech University is presenting "Computational Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom".

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Honors Project XA242 Weapons of Math Destruction

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KIN 355 004 PA integration

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Applications of Operant Conditioning

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This video aims to teach kids about how memory works and what types of memories we store in our brains! For the activity, students will play a memory game where they will be challenged to remember…

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Anna DeJarnette and Casey Hord from the University of Cincinnati are presenting Blended Perspectives: Studies of Discourse and Gesturing in Math and Special Education

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MI341 - Aspect Ratio

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MI 341 - 1920by1080

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LaTeX Lesson 02 - Typing HW

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Lecture - Understanding Descriptive Statistics

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LaTeX Lesson 01 - MTH 299

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VM 578 - Day01_31Aug_830AM_Part2_ZoomSession

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CSE480 - Week03 - SQL Where

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STT 200 Testing for HIV Example

STT 200 Testing for HIV Example

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3/16 Convergent sequences

Class lecture from Math 299, section 2 on March 16th, 2020. Topic covered: convergent sequences.

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Elizabeth de Freitas of Manchester Metropolitan University, England, is presenting "What is a Mathematical Concept?"

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