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Set up for a Teams call

This video will show you how to: Mute/unmute Change audio devices Turn on/off video Change camera device Change video background Chat, Share screen, etc.

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Before Pushing Record: ​ How Planning Your Video Content Can Make it More Engaging and Effective

Date of session: January 17, 2023 Description: Are you looking to incorporate and create more video content for your course but don’t know where to start? Or do you have some experience…

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How to record using MediaSpace (Kaltura Capture)

Original recording by Andy Greger for the MSU College of Nursing

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IT Virtual Workshop - Adding Voice Narration in Camtasia

Clip from MSU IT virtual workshop on Camtasia. For more information on how to download and use Camtasia, self-enroll in the MSU Tools & Technologies course:…

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Sharing and Creating media in Mediaspace - Introduction to Video Production

Date of session: November 18, 2020 Description: This session is part of a series that explores the various capabilities of MediaSpace. This particular session delves into the basics of video…

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Stand Ups 2

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Feild Audio Lesson

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JRN 206-306 iPhone lighting shooting everything storage

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Matching audio in Premiere

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AE Lock Iphone and Filmic Pro

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MI 341 - 1.5 Camera discount

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Gear video 206

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Technology Resources US20

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Zoom Tips: Managing Your Audio Source

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VM 516-Forelimb intrinsic shoulder muscles (1)

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