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GEO204: Sub-Saharan Africa on the Map

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welcoming remarks

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Framing Video Umar Final

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NAPA Training Session: Panel Data Methods 1

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GEO206: The Seasonal Shift of the ITCZ

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HM 839 SubSaharan Africa

HM 839 SubSaharan Africa

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How to write scientific articles for peer reviewed journals

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T. Reardon, Keynote Lecture, NAAE, October 2018

MSU AFRE Professor Tom Reardon, Keynote Lecture, "The Quiet Revolution in Food Systems in Africa and Asia," Nigeria Association of Agricultural Economists, October 12, 2018

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Discussion III-VIDEO

Ways to apply the "toggle switch" idea to shock behavior outcome idea to determine good research hypotheses.

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Ways to make the case about your work contribution to the literature based off of conventional wisdoms and using factual questions

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Discussion I-VIDEO

How could you sell a research idea about Nigeria to a non-Nigerian reviewer?

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Welcome from Prof. Umeana

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HM831 Mod14Sciho

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HM831 Mod14River

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HM831 Mod14Lymphatic

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