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Menopausal symptoms in competitive weightlifters

Athletes may be unprepared for the onset and duration of menopausal symptoms and how they affect training and competition goals. There are inconsistent results about physical activity and menopausal…

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Responding to the Tragic Events at MSU

In response to the tragic events that occurred at MSU, the WorkLife Office has prepared a training geared towards all MSU Faculty and Staff to assist with your own personal response as well as how to…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Managing Stress and Work

There are ebbs and flows to the intensity of our work and stressors in our personal lives. Learn tools and strategies for identifying stressors, prioritizing responsibilities, and managing stress…

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Safe Infant Sleep- Family ERG Session 12-13-22.mp4

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Adult Caregiver ERG: Demystifying Dementia & The 6 Pillars of Brain Health

WorkLife Office Presents: Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - Demystifying Dementia & The Six Pillars of Brain Health This session is intended to equip participants on behalf of…

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WorkLife Office Presents: Adult Caregivers Employee Resource Group - Talking About Brain Health & Aging: The Basics

Following this session participants should be able to:Recognize one or more signs of declining brain health Identify risk factors related to brain health Identify things that can be done to improve…

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Introduction to Sleep Apnea Syndromes - MPEG4 10min 30sec

upload 1 of 11 minilectures for CPR Intersession 2022

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VM 518-Jugular Ventipuncture-Horse

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Ways to Enhance Memory

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