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James Hill Detroit Free Press Nov. 23, 2021

Senior News Director James G. Hill speaks to Journalism 300 about career strategies.

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FS21 Lecture 18: Doing Harm

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Who wants to watch that Zoom Recording Anyway? (Adapting a live session to an online asynchronous format)

We often record our Zoom training session or classes, but does anyone really LIKE watching a long Zoom recording? How can you set up your reccorded Zoom sessions so that you also can use it for…

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Photovoice Project Kickoff: Sharing International Voices at MSU

Julia Shine, a BASW intern at the MSU WorkLife Office, will be presenting a photovoice project that focuses on international faculty and staff sharing their transition experiences to the United…

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LUNAFEST 2021 Discussion

Panelists discuss the 2021 LUNAFEST films as part of the Women*s Student Services event.

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Intersectionality as Lived Experience, Radical Theory, and Social Justice Activism | WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series | NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD

Society and individuals have been slow to incorporate intersectionality as a concept and as a framework for informing our work, which limits the potential impact of theory, praxis and activism. In…

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WNA/WOCC: Representing Women in the Arts

Learning Objectives:​ The arts as a vehicle for critical conversations ​ Building bridges across difference ​ Representing under-represented women About the Speaker Mónica…

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Befriend Your Professors!! - Sarah Albani

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Lecture 5.2 - Part 3

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