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Agricultural Weather Forecast for April 12, 2022

MSU agricultural meteorologist Jeff Andresen presents weather forecasts focusing on farmer’s interests to the MSU Extension fruit team.

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GEO206: A Review of the Lesson: Pressure, Winds, & Circulation

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GEO206: Draw a Picture El Nino and Non-El-Nino years

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GEO206: Global Circulation: Draw A Picture

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GEO330: California: Physical Setting

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GEO330: Great Plains & Rocky Mountain Region: Physical Setting

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GEO 206v: Week2

A brief video describing pressure, winds, and atmospheric circulation and how they relate to arid environments.

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Weather and Clouds, Part 1

Video segment on weather and clouds (describing clouds) in the Weather module. **Caption correction at 2:40: A consistent layer of stratus clouds can be a very good time to fly a U.A.V. assuming…

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Introduction to Lesson 5

Dr. Alan Arbogast introduces Lesson 5: Pressure, Winds, & Circulation.

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