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ArLiSNAP VREPS 2021 Virtual Conference: Poster Q&A

ArLiSNAP and VREPS welcomed students and new professionals with an interest in art librarianship or visual resources management to share newly completed or in-progress projects at the virtual poster…

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ArLiSNAP VREPS 2021 Virtual Conference: Skill Share

These presentations provide an opportunity to share passions and skills with one another during our breaks between sessions at the 2021 ArLiSNAP/VREPS Fall Virtual Conference. Virginia Seymour shares…

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ArLiSNAP VREPS 2021 Virtual Conference: Fresh Eyes + Q&A

Students and emerging professionals often hold unique perspectives that can bring “fresh eyes” to an institution, creating opportunities to ask questions, make suggestions, and create new…

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The growing value of remote programming after the pandemic

The session will reflect on the new Digital Assessment version of the long-established in-person First Impressions Tourism program and the opportunities presented by remote programming in a…

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Dirty Minds- online courses for soil health and nutrient management

This session will give an overview of two new self-paced courses available in D2L covering the basics of soil health and nutrient management.

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Spartan 365

Overview of Spartan 365 apps that help with time management including Bookings, MyAnalytics, and Planner.

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Conserving Michigan's Biodiversity Together

It is likely that you may encounter a rare species in the course of your work or recreation, so we've created a data entry form to use on your mobile device. These species observations help us…

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How to Become a Great Manager - Karly Creguer

This "Ted-Style" Talk will introduce the four keys of great managers that Gallup outlines in their book "First, Break All the Rules". After years of research, Gallup discovered…

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Overview of SDC Academy and Learning Societies 8.11.12

Zoom Recording ID: 96478287245 UUID: kREOX0y7RYypTos3gSMp/w== Meeting Time: 2021-08-11T14:58:30Z Dr. Jon Gold's orientation presentation

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Orientation to Early Clinical Experience 8/9/21

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VM 501-Orientation and Introduction to One Health I

VM 501 Orientation, Intro to OH

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Creativity and Collaborations in Special Collections and Archives / Créativité et collaborations dans les archives et collections spéciales

This bilingual session explores the ways in which archives and special collections engage with their communities by using their visual and textual resources as tools for teaching and learning.…

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Exploring Provenance: Research Methodology and Digital Discoverability

This session addresses aspects of provenance research on cultural property from different angles. The first presentation given by Karen Halliday details research methods and findings on displaced…

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Outreach Convergence: Adapting Programming to COVID-19

Whether reimagining existing programs or creating new ones, librarians sought the opportunity to foster connections between the library and its patrons in the wake of a rapid transition to online…

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Collaborative Institutional Problem-Solving: Exploring DEI Initiatives and Five Case Studies Across Libraries and Museums

This session took place on May 13, 2021, as part of the ARLIS/NA Virtual Conference hosted by the ARLIS/NA MOQ Chapter. Presenters include Claralyn Burt, Soumya Dasgupta, Emilee Mathews, and K. Sarah…

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