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2023 WorkLife Conference – Welcome & Keynote

Work and Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World: The Unique Challenges of Higher EducationAlthough it is generally acknowledged that people are the single most important component of an…

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Tobacco and Alcohol Lecture

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SCM Info session 9:25:23

SCM Informational Session for FYW Students for Disciplinary and Professional Literacies Project

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513 Exam Review

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May 24th CSA Network Meeting Part 3 - Online SNAP Acceptance with GrownBy

Part 3 of the Michigan CSA Network May 24th Network meeting featured a presentation by GrownBy who is working with USDA to develop an online SNAP processing solution for direct market farmers.

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ODWODL - Clara Latham 4/14/2023 [LIB]

Clara Latham, Professor of Music Technology at The New School, delivers a presentation titled "Gendered Labor and the Origins of Electronic Music: Women Workers and the RCA Thermin" on…

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ODWODL - Eshe Sherley 3/15/2023 [LIB]

Eshe Sherley from the Department of History at the University of Michigan, presents 'Care in Crisis: Black Women and the Politics of Labor in Atlanta, 1965-1985" on Zoom. Part of Our Daily…

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Parents Session with Dr. Jim Henry, PhD. – Responding to the Tragic Events at MSU. Learning from Oxford School Shootings. What You and Your Kids Need Now.

This session will cover: The impact of primary and secondary trauma on parents. What the likely emotional, psychological, and relational needs of your kids are given the tragic events at MSU…

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Carbon credits and carbon farming

Zoom Recording ID: 91464225080 UUID: LFD2TyUySlu3VPmpkCzxUQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-16 04:38:22pmGMT

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Rosa Morales Interview

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PRCI-Asia R statistical package training: Part III

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PRCI-Asia R statistical package training: Part II

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WNA Dr. Megumi Moore 11-16-2022

Listen now to hear more about mental health stressors for women, and how to handle the common occurrences that exacerbate those stressors - plus ways to be resilient!Learning Objectives: 1. Gain a…

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Iftikhar Nasim

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Ebrahim Alkazi

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