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Manure for field crops

Presentation by MSUE educator, Sarah Fronczak about Nutrient Management for manure in row crops.

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #3 - Nutrition Part 4 Q&A

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #3 - Nutrition Part 3 Kalcsits

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #3 - Nutrition Part 2 Fallahi

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup #3 - Nutrition Part 1 Lailiang Cheng

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Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup - Teaser Video Webinar 3 - Nutrient Management

This video is a clip of the 2021 IFTA Virtual Honeycrisp Tour, in which nutrient management was discussed. It should be watched as a 'teaser' for the 2021 Honeycrisp Virtual Meetup,…

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Nutrient Management for Honeycrisp

As part of the MSUE 2021 Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Lailiang Cheng of Cornell University presents 'Nutrient Management in Honeycrisp.'

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Reducing Water and Agrochemical Movement from Container Nursery Production Using Bioreactors and Irrigation Management

Damon Abdi, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Horticulture. Dissertation defense describing movement of agrochemicals (nitrate, phosphate and pesticides) under different irrigation…

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Add Recipe to Template

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Field Crops Webinar Series 2-18-19: Drainage Management for Nutrient Retention - Dr. Ehsan Ghane

This webinar features Dr. Ehsan Ghane addressing issues related to drainage of crop fields and nutrient management. When excess phosphorus from farmland reaches downstream water bodies, it causes…

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GEO206: Review for the Pressure, Winds, & Circulation Lesson

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ANTR510 (006) Early Embryology: Embryonic circulation

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