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CLFE Session 3 - Agritourism and Value Added Processing.mp4

This is a recording of Session 3 of the Cultivating Local Food Economies Webinar Series. During this session we focused the information on specific issues, regulations and information that are…

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Towards a Sustainable Meat Supply Chain: Building a Sustainable Meat Supply Chain in Michigan (Subtitled)

This second event of a 2-part series covers holistic, regenerative, grass-fed, and other sustainable livestock management systems and lessons learned from cooperative supply chains in the Midwest.…

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Parts of the Brain Involved with Memory

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Ways to Enhance Memory

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Towards a Sustainable Meat Supply Chain in Michigan: SE Michigan Processing Ventures and Digital Marketing (subtitled)

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shocks to the meat processing supply chain, the need for local and regional food systems is more critical than ever. This session aims to bolster the…

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KIN 355 Motor Learning_part 1

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A Critical Look at Sensation and Perception

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Part 1 Introduction _Sensation v. Perception

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Visual Processing

This video explains how the brain processes different visual signals and how we can see things. It includes a fun activity that allows you to test how fast your brain processes different visual cues…

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Lecture 10_part1

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Lab 1: Plant Tour - Part 1

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CSE480 - Week15 - 4 - Yarn

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CSE480 - Week14 - 2 - NoSQL Data Models

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Zoom: Virtual Backgrounds

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VM 523-Antigen processing and presentation (captioned through YouTube)

Antigen processing and presentation biología biology

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