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WNA: Mitigating Bias in Hiring

Learn about best practices and procedures for reducing potential bias in the screening and interview process and obtain tools for increasing understanding and self-awareness.

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FS21 Lecture 9: Myths in Medicine

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Lecture 14_Evolutionary Medicine_Week 7

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Lecture 12_Behavior_Week 6

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Lecture 2_History_Week 1

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week 5 intro video

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Intersectionality as Lived Experience, Radical Theory, and Social Justice Activism | WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series | NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD

Society and individuals have been slow to incorporate intersectionality as a concept and as a framework for informing our work, which limits the potential impact of theory, praxis and activism. In…

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Section 002_02-08

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Section 001_02-08

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Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Fathers and Difficult Conversations about RACE

This presentation is aimed to educate on Race while promoting Culture and Ethnicity. Erasing the myths and cliches and uplifting what's real.

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This podcast interview features insights from the article "Preparing Teachers to Notice Race in Classrooms: Contextualizing the Competencies of Preservice Teachers With Antiracist…

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Lecture 5.1 - Part 2

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Pastrana, Block, and Penasack Rally Service Stops

Follow the rally crews of Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Tim Penasack in action at their service stops at the Ojibwe Forests Rally in Minnesota. For more behind the scenes action check us out at…

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Lecture 5.3 - Part 3

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Lecture 5.3 - Part 2

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VM 536-Inflammatory noninfectious diseases of the horses' lungs-KInsley

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