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Chapter 10c Video

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SOC 100 Chapter 2a

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Lecture 9.3 - Part 2

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Lecture 9 - Part 2

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Social Facts

What is the social fact? Here Dr. Bart Van Heerikhuizen from the University of Amsterdam explains the social fact precisely and briefly. "Social facts, the phenomena that we observe and try to…

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Sociological Imagination

This video is an introduction of C. Wright Mills concept of the sociological imagination. Understanding and being able to exercise the sociological imagination helps us understand the relationship…

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What is sociology?

In this introduction to the discipline of sociology, Dr. Lori Peek overviews the focus, history and approach of sociological inquiry. She defines sociology as the systematic study of society, and the…

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Speaking for the Dying: Life-and-Death Decisions in Intensive Care

Susan P. Shapiro, PhD Research Professor American Bar Foundation Recorded November 13, 2019 Seven in ten older Americans who require medical decisions in the final days of life lack capacity to…

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SW 812B Module 6

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Covert Costs of Racial and Ethnic Concordance in the Medical Workforce

Karen Kelly-Blake, PhD Assistant Professor Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences Department of Medicine Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Libby Bogdan-Lovis,…

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Ethics and Children with Differences in Sex Development and Gender Nonconformity

Joel E. Frader, MD, MA Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities Northwestern University Medical Director, Bridges Pediatric Palliative Care Program Lurie…

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US Poverty

US Poverty

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Measuring Poverty

Measuring Poverty

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What is Poverty

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