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VM 580-Left-handed 2-handed hand tie

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Orchard weed management and practices impacting beneficial and pest insects

As part of the Spring 2020 Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Dr. Sushila Chaudhari of the Department of Horticulture and Dr. Julianna Wilson of the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University…

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VM 527-day 12 chalk talk

this is a chalk talk linking together todays prep and in class content

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KIN 355 004 Management2 Motivation_part2

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Section 003_03-08

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Section 001_03-08

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Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Fathers and Difficult Conversations about RACE

This presentation is aimed to educate on Race while promoting Culture and Ethnicity. Erasing the myths and cliches and uplifting what's real.

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Lab 4 - Mixing Tanks

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Section 003_10-19

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Section 001_10-19

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Subtext & Inner Monologue Video Instructions

This video illustrates how to make up a simple line of dialogue and then create 10 different versions of self talk/inner monologue which alters the subtext(underlying meaning) of the simple line.

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Covert Costs of Racial and Ethnic Concordance in the Medical Workforce

Karen Kelly-Blake, PhD Assistant Professor Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences Department of Medicine Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Libby Bogdan-Lovis,…

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HM802 sec730 FrequencyDistributionsCh03

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Talk to Owner

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"In the Shadow of Cortes" Opening Talk

Opening talk of the photographic exhibition "In the Shadow of Cortés: from Veracruz to Mexico City" by professor Kathleen Myers (Indiana University). March 25, 2015. Residential…

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