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MKT 834 Module 1 - Part 1

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Insights to Foresights Part 1

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2023 MSMRA Spartan Summit [New]

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2023 MSMRA Spartan Summit

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WACSS insight Series - Robert's Rules of Order

Taylor Thrush, Deputy Secretary for Academic Governance, presents a deep dive on Robert's Rules of Order as part of the WACSS Insight Series. Resources shared: Parliamentary…

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D2L Course Statistics

Date of session: November 16, 2022 Description: D2L course analytics can be used to identify needs, prompt action, and impact course design. In this webinar we will point out several D2L reports…

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D2L Outcomes Data PivotTable to re-create Mastery View

Creating a PivotTable in Excel with text-only data is possible, but there are several extra steps. You must create a table from your data and add it to the Data Model, then add a Measure in the…

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What is Freedom? A Look into MSU Students' Beliefs and Behaviors

Good afternoon. My name is Emily Schultz. I am a 3rd year student in the college of social sciences. The purpose of my study is to understand how young adults are impacted by the highly politicized…

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GEO206: Using the review quiz as a study tool

This video talks about how to use the review quiz as a study tool in order to be more strategic in your quiz preparation.

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Cabin Fever Conversations - Gardening for Birds

On the May 15, 2020 episode of Cabin Fever Conversations, Linnea Rowse from Michigan Audubon cured our boredom with bird-om and helped us understand how even the smallest home garden can help sustain…

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