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Mohan Rakesh

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Making Healthy Choices for Adults Ages 60+: What's a healthy food choice?

Adults ages 60 and over can stay active and healthy by enjoying a variety of foods from each of five food groups. Funded by the USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP.…

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Zoom Accessibility Quick Tips- Participant Version

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NSSC: Student Success at MSU

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Welcome From President Stanley!

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What is a cultivar? with Barslund Judd

Barslund Judd, Consumer Horticulture Educator based out of Flint, MI, helps us make sense of plant names, why they are important and how we can use this information in the garden

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Produce Safety Assurance Programs - Farm to Institution Food Safety Basics

This video provides an overview for institutional food service providers of the different food safety programs available to produce farms.This resource was developed with funding from the Michigan…

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ISS310: The American Food Landscape

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GEO151: Classifying Religions

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Bakker's Acres Apples Session 1 Farm to Market Webinar Series 10-8-20

Session one of our Farm to Market webinar series. This is a virtual farm tour of Bakker's Acres, a local apple orchard in Leelanau County. The video also includes a segment on bees and…

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VM 536-Bacterial infections in BRDC-Mycoplasma bovis

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VM 500-Virtual Microbiome Lab 2020 Scenario 1

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Introduction to the BS in Data Science Degree

Introduces the Bachelor of Science in Data Science Degree at MSU, offered through the CMSE, STT, and CSE departments.

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VM 530-Antifungals_PartII_Antibiotics

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This is the second video tutorial in the JRN 336 Photo Page Design project.

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VM 530-Cell Injury I

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