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Aphid Management in Christmas Tree Production

Speaker: Dr. Richard Cowles, Agricultural Scientist of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Dr. Cowles will provide an overview of aphid pests in Christmas tree production, their life…

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Elongate Hemlock Scale Current Management and Novel Controls

Elongated Hemlock Scale is a major pest problem in some production areas. Recently, some states have implemented quarantines to prevent the spread of this pest. Presentation will outline current…

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The Future: Genomics of Fir Species and Genetic Engineering

This is the final webinar in the webinar series "Christmas Tree Genetics and Tree Improvement Webinar Series."

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Tree Improvement Techniques: Grafting, Controlled-pollination & Vegetative Propagation

Christmas trees, Third webinar in Christmas tree Genetics and Tree Improvement Webinar Series

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Growing and marketing Christmas trees

MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series "Getting started with growing and marketing Christmas trees" Date: March 16, 2016 Presenters: Dr. Burt Cregg, MSU Horticulture and…

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