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Root Rots and Needle Casts in Christmas Trees

Speaker: Dr. Gary Chastagner Washington State University Plant Pathologist / Extension Specialist Dr. Chastagner will discuss root rot and needle cast diseases of Christmas trees, their life cycle,…

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Balsam Woolly Adelgid and Christmas trees in Michigan

Speaker: Dr. Deborah McCullough, Michigan State University Professor, Forest Entomology Balsam woolly adelgid (BWA) is a serious invasive insect pest that has killed millions of native fir trees in…

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Elongate Hemlock Scale Current Management and Novel Controls

Elongated Hemlock Scale is a major pest problem in some production areas. Recently, some states have implemented quarantines to prevent the spread of this pest. Presentation will outline current…

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VM 518-Vacutainer setup

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VM 516-Safe handling of needles and syringes

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SCS 693r-Acupuncture in Neurologic Disease

This is for the SCS 693r Rehab clerkship, but was pulled from the VM 571 Nervous System 2 course

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