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Jen Fry- ISS 310

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Exam #1 Review Lecture

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Presentation on Taste - MSU Neuroscience 311L Honors Option

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Week In the Life of MSUCOM Student - East Lansing

A week in the life of a medical student at the East Lansing campus of MSUCOM. The OMM section of this video at 3:42 to 5:05 is applicable to all 3 campuses.

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KIN 355 004 PA integration

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My Spartan Story Promotional Video

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Part 9_Attachment

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How Does Our Brain Process Words and Colors?

In this video we will discuss how our brain processes words and colors by using the Stroop test. In this test you will be asked to say different colors that words are written it, but be careful not…

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2020 Summit Lightning Talks - Michelle Worden

The Ripple Effect of the Farm2Neighbor ProgramMichele Worden, MBA - Member, NWC Operating Committee, Northwest Food CoalitionFarm2Neighbor is a spearhead program that allows food pantries and meal…

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2020 Summit Lightning Talks - Rosie Quasarano

A Little Goes a Long WayRosie Quasarano - Co-Owner, Littlefoot Coffee Roasters We began 2020 by dedicating Littlefoot Coffee Roasters’ energy into being strong wholesale partners and providers.…

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Practical Exam Info

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06.03.20 NPA PEARS Partnerships and Coalitions Webinar

This is a recording of a webinar that took place on June 3, 2020 with Norma Lundeen. This training was for Nutrition and Physical Activity employees and taught how to report Partnerships and…

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HR--Keri Wood--Alum

1) My journey--Value of Broad MBA 2) Overview of HR 3) Advice

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EFT - Engagement

Presentation on Emotionally Focused Therapy - Engagement

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EFT III: Stage 2 of the model

Presentation on Emotionally Focused Therapy: steps 5-7

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EFT -Tasks 1-4

Presentation on Emotionally Focused Therapy and the first 4 tasks.

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