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Office of Sponsored Programs Award Process (S. Bagaloff)

This video provides an overview of the OSP Award Process at MSU. You will learn the basic steps and length of the process and what information and tools are available.

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Contracts and Other Agreements: Intellectual Property (R. Sheets)

The Intellectual Property presentation is intended to describe MSU Intellectual Policies and explain how those policies impact contract negotiations and outcomes with for-profit entities.

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Contracts and Other Agreements: MSU Business-CONNECT (R. Sheets)

The MSU Business-CONNECT (BC) presentation provides an overview of BC’s as role as the sponsored programs pre-award office for for-profit entities, the general categories of proposals/contracts…

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Contracts and Other Agreements: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Contract Clauses (D. Tuthill)

Contracts are governed very differently than grants or cooperative agreements. This session introduces the Federal Acquisition Regulation, potential problem clauses, the use of alternate clauses,…

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Contract and Other Agreements: Nonfederal Contract Overview (M. Banasik)

This presentation provides an overview of nonfederal contracts including key components, typical clauses, and clauses to scrutinize.

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Contracts and Other Agreements: Other Types of Agreements (M. Banasik)

This presentation describes when to use master agreements, amendments, and memoranda of understanding.

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Contracts and Other Agreements: Overview (M. Banasik)

This presentation covers the Federal Demonstration Partnership and expanded authorities as well as the differences between contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and other transactions.

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